The purpose of the AECOM Management Level M360° Leadership Survey is to identify a leader's proficiency against the AECOM Management Level Leadership Model. This survey compiles feedback from direct reports, peers and supervisors, within a development summary that identifies leadership strengths to leverage and areas for further leadership development.

The AECOM Leadership Model is composed of four interrelated Leadership Domains and another area called Leadership Enablers that focuses on your development as a leader. Each Leadership Domain is further defined by a set of Leadership Competencies with supporting behaviors. The primary function of the model is to create shared understanding and clarity about the leader's role in terms of 'HOW' the work of the organization gets done at the management level and 'WHAT' it takes to achieve the goals.

Selecting Respondents for the AECOM M360° Feedback Survey

One of the most important actions you take in the AECOM M360° Leadership Survey Process is the selection of your respondent group. The respondents are the individuals who will provide feedback to you on your proficiency in each of the AECOM competencies.

Number and Type of Respondents

Although there is some flexibility in who you select as respondents, in general you will need to identify a set of peers, direct reports and boss/bosses who will provide feedback during the survey process. In most cases, participants select three to five peers, three to five direct reports and two bosses (when participant is in a matrix role).

Criteria for Selection

The selection of these respondents is critical to the AECOM M360° process and an essential element to the compilation of meaningful feedback. The appropriateness of the selected respondents will be a factor in the accuracy, relevance and candor received from the respondent data.

Care should be taken to identify respondents who fit the following criteria:

  1. These individuals have recent experience in working with you.
  2. These individuals have a clear vantage point from which to observe your behavior.
  3. These individuals have at least six months of visibility to you and your behaviors as a leader.
  4. These individuals have an understanding of your role as a leader and can objectively evaluate the proficiency with which a skill/behavior has been demonstrated.

Prevention of Bias

Sometimes leaders have apprehensions about selecting respondents where there is known conflict or confrontation prior to the administration of the survey. In no case should these individuals be exempted from participation to avoid negative input. The purpose of the survey is to receive candid feedback regarding your proficiency as a leader.

Conversely, leaders may be predisposed to include friends and associates who will likely provide a positive impression of their effectiveness. This too, is inappropriate as a respondent may be inclined to provide a skewed representation of this leader's behaviors. In any case, leaders should understand that candor, accuracy, relevance and currency are essential elements that must be considered in the selection of respondents for participation in the AECOM M360° Feedback Survey. As such, every attempt must be made to ensure that the respondents selected represent the best opportunity to capture recent, relevant and accurate data that is developmental in nature

Action Needed:

  1. Please complete the online set-up form by close of business, Friday, October 2, 2015.
    • The first task in implementing the Feedback Survey is the identification of the individuals who will provide the feedback.
    • Click on the link GET STARTED. Complete the set-up form by identifying your respondents.
    • Click submit and you have completed the set-up required for the leadership survey.
    • You will receive a confirmation email with the respondent information you provided on the online set-up form.
  2. Please send a brief email to the people you've selected as respondents between Friday, October 2 – Tuesday, October 6, 2015.
    • The purpose of the email is to let them know that you are participating in a leadership development initiative that includes an online leadership survey. To that end, you are requesting their feedback on your leadership skills. The survey will ask them to rate the proficiency that you demonstrate in a particular leadership competency or skill set. To prevent emails from being blocked by email filters be sure to advise respondents to expect an email from Click on the following link to see an example.

Sample Message to M360° Respondents


Subject Line: :  Americas Leadership Development Program Assessment – Feedback Requested.

Dear [Respondent First Name],

I am a participant in the Americas Leadership Development Program. As part of the program, I am participating in a 360 assessment process designed to provide me with feedback in AECOM’s leadership competencies. You will be receiving an email invite in the next few days to participate in a survey on my leadership behaviors. This survey is referred to as M360° and it is administered by Profiles International. The survey data collected is anonymous unless you are the Manager of the leader.

I value your feedback, so please be candid! I view this as an opportunity for personal development.

You should be able to complete the survey in 20 - 25 minutes. All of the surveys will go directly to Profiles International. Profiles will prepare the report and share the results with me. The intent is to help me gain a better understanding of my leadership strengths and development areas.

Thank you for your participation. I value your insights and perspective.

[Applicant Full Name]

To prevent the survey invitation from being blocked by email filters, please add to your safe sender list.

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Now that you completed the AECOM M360° respondent set-up form here is the timeline for what happens next.

  • Profiles International will send emails to your respondents (Wednesday, October 7, 2015) requesting their participation in the anonymous online survey. Respondents need to complete the survey and return it by Wednesday, October 21, 2015. The survey closes on Wednesday, October 21, 2015. After that, no further data will be included in the report. Please be sure to inform your respondents about the due date.


  1. Please complete and return your SELF survey by Wednesday, October 21, 2015. (Time needed for survey completion: 20-25 Minutes)

Note: The data collection period will close on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.


Implements innovative approaches to the marketplace, refining the definition of who AECOM is and what it can do for its clients. Establishes tactical plan in support of the long-range course of action to accomplish long-range goals or vision.


Provide constituents with a compelling reason to fully engage in achieving professional and organizational goals.


Work proactively across operational boundaries to drive efficiencies, maximize effectiveness, and optimize synergies.


Focused and determined pursuit of the operational goals in a way that creates a shared understanding of how the work gets done and what it takes to achieve the goals.

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